Virgin Queen

by Jonni Greth

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released July 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Jonni Greth Nashville, Tennessee

Singer/ Songwriter Jonni Greth spent years traveling the Eastern United States-playing music in every town he visited- before arriving in Nashville. His style, which runs the gamut from spooky alt-country to lush, string-heavy Americana, revolves around his earthy fingerpicking style and warm, philanthropic melody lines. ... more

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Track Name: Eating Stones (with Lili'uokalani)
Yeah, I'm sure it's been real hard
Since you decided you were Soren Kirkegaard
I know how you're feelin'
If, by the power of the absurd,
You stifle every painful word,
It messes up your dreamin'
Knight of Faith, how brave you are!
With her vines around your heart,
I'm sure you feel elated,
But you've known it all along
That you and her were bound to part,
But were never separated

'Til the day you died,
And maybe not even then

Oh Hawaii, my father's land
I have climbed up your Diamond Head
To leap into your valley
Oh, land where my father almost died!
I could bounce down your mountainside
I could make you sorry

But when the haoles take your throne,
I hope I'm somewhere eating stones
With Lili'uokalani

When you find yourself alone
On the Silent Danish Throne,
You have to make decisions:
"What's the one thing I love most?
Are these truly holy ghosts?
Is this relationship or religion?"

'Cause we're missing both.
Track Name: Judas Boy
Today I plunged the deepest depths
Of a shallow well I dug myself
Drew the last drop from the bottom
And I drank my own self dry
Ranted on 'bout highs and lows
How to reach God from the gallows
While the mountains were filing down
And the valleys were filling up

And though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Despair
I will not fear the fear that's stalking
But lo, the valley's deep
When I look up to the peak
I only wonder,
In whose shadow am I walking?

Hey Judas Boy
Take that sad song and wrap it 'round your throat
And if a parable squeezes out your mouth
You know it will be the first you ever told
You'll sing, "I don't pay any mind
To silver coins or streets paved with gold
I only wanted peace in Zion,
But my Friend and me,
We're both hanging from these trees--
I wish I was his friend while my feet still touched the soil."

Hey Judas Boy (2x)

Track Name: Virgin Queen
Mama, aren't you proud
Of the song that I just wrote?
It came to me the other night
In a round with Hazel Motes
His hair stood up on end
Like a military kid's
He said, "I have no sin--
I'm not sayin' sin's real"
But he still won't say what he did

Oh, Mama, I wish I'd seen
My true Mama, the Virgin Queen
The Virgin Queen

Flannery, look down on me
I'm not cut out for this
I've got a peacock heart
And a crutched soul
But I'm no novelist
So send me just one line
About where the good man goes
When all the good girls marry off
And the monasteries close


Grandpa got shook up
When the Parkinson's set in
And Grandma's heart broke
Every day since he forgot her name
This girl loves my hands
She talks like I'll stay sane
I still try to hide it from her
Every time I shake

Track Name: You've Got Rabies (I've Got Rhythm)
C'mon, kid, is that all you got?
The dirty pastor is a cheap shot
You've got rabies, but it's okay
I've been scared of water all day

We've got mad dogs nipping at our heels
You keep running, but you're not released

If the heart commits adultery,
You feel the heart and mind divorcing,
But if the heart commits adultery,
Boy, you're guilty of an orgy


I've got rhythm, I've got lynching
I've got schism, ethic cleansing
Cut this existential bullshit
You've got a problem, and you can't quit
Saw your heart committing murder
Before you shot him at the pulpit


I've got rhythm, I've got lynching
I've got schism, ethic cleansing
I can't sleep now
I'm a dreamer
You've got fusion
I've got fever
You've got headache
I've got manners
You've got heartbreak
I've got hammers
If you lose me
It won't matter
Just excuse me
While I stammer
Untie my bowtie!